At Adept we strongly believe that product and process innovation is the key to achieving performance and efficiency gains in the construction industry. Any product or process innovation will not succeed unless it is developed using “joined up thinking” across all technical and commercial disciplines. The breadth of expertise within Adept marks it out from most other consultants and our confidence in this arena is such that we are prepared to work on a ‘no-fee’ basis at the front end of your development programme till such time as we jointly consider whether the idea will sink or swim.

  • Fast pragmatic primary front end concept viability check
  • Commercialisation assessment scenarios
  • Secondary brain storming of what ifs?
  • Business plan development
  • Proof of concept through in house testing
  • System to system compatibility – development and guidance
  • European Building product accreditation/approval
  • Product integration into building design software
  • Patenting and IP protection*
  • Commercial delivery through supply chain structuring and marketing


Many of the associates in Adept have at some time played a significant role in bringing new products to the construction industry. We fully understand the technical and commercial challenges that this brings. We believe that we have the experience to partner and guide any company or individual that wishes to explore and commercialise their innovations. We would be pleased to discuss remuneration for our services which may not be entirely consultancy fee related. Please call us if you think that we can help.

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