Structural Solutions

Engineered Timber Solutions

Adept has a long and successful track record in the design and specification of engineered timber solutions, from traditional Timber Framed structures to innovative components such as Cross Laminated timber.  Other technologies include Structural Insulated Panels known as SIPS, Glulam structures and Oak Framed Structures.


Engineered Steel Solutions

Adept provides advice design and specification services for both traditional Hot Rolled steel structures and the increasingly popular Cold Rolled steel structures.


Engineered Hybrid Structural Solutions

Adept provides advice, design and specification services to those clients contemplating contemporary structures that depend on the Hybrid interrelationship of the loading characteristics of differing structural materials.


Engineered Modular Solutions

Adept provides advice to assist clients in their choice and suitability of Modular solutions and the design of specific and logistical programming needed for a successful outcome.

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